The Hague, Netherlands

On Cultural Diplomacy

when 19 August 2024 - 28 August 2024
language English
duration 2 weeks
fee EUR 300

Cultural diplomacy has "the potential to touch individuals in ways traditional diplomacy might not, creating lasting, positive impressions". Communities are build and developed based on our cultural heritage. Throughout history it has shown that this heritage influences the development of our institutions, the state and even our personal attitudes towards one another. It is the identity that comes out through our personal and professional contact with others. Identity politics today shape international and national symbols, as well as relations. In an ever interconnected world where we need to deal with problems and challenges that transcend borders we need to work together. States and communities increasingly use their cultural history in achieving their political objectives.
Culture has become a crucial tool in international relations. The diversity can become a bases for finding one another, strengthening relations and ties between states and communities. While in other cases it used to amplify clashes and differences, creating a them and us. Sharing arts, education, culture in every way, we can bridge gaps and forge closer international relationships. Traditional diplomacy more and more is making space for new and innovative forms of relationship forging, culture has the potential to leave a lasting, good effect on people. But what is it? How can we use it? And what kind of success stories are know? And what do we need to do to integrate cultural in negotiation to achieve favourable out comes?

If you wish to gain more insights and improve your skills than join our summer school program of 2024!

Course leader

Hans van den Berg - Director of the Young Diplomat

Target group

To be admitted for this program you do not need previous experience, knowledge, or related studies in the field. The minimum age is 18 with no maximum age, there are no further restrictions on educational background or work experience. This program is open to anyone interested in the subject and wishing to obtain experience with diplomacy and negotiation.

Course aim

You will be challenged to gather theoretical insights in the rapidly developing field of diplomacy in relation to cultural diplomacy from leading figures in the field.

Gain valuable skills through a proven combination of applying theoretical knowledge in high end simulations. During the summer school, you will develop skills for public speaking, speech writing, doing research for negotiation and reporting.

Build your international network through the Young Diplomat community and meet with diplomats from different disciplines. The Young Diplomat community offers you the opportunity to find new contacts within the field.

Fee info

EUR 300: This fee includes:
Workshops, lectures, tours of the Hague, embassy visits and final simulation.
Access to all events (participants may join optional events for an extra fee)
Signature welcome package.
All reading materials.
Certificate of participation.


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