Firenze, Italy

Interior Design

when 23 June 2015 - 14 July 2015
duration 3 weeks
fee EUR 1400

Students will merge together the Italian retail and the fashion design to propose nice Interior Design solutions at the end of each month.

Together with the theoretical aspects they will visit the brand stores in Florence to understand the philosophy and the creative aspects to develop a personal Interior Design sensibility.

Live and work in a harmonious location make the real difference for a high level senses experience. We all know how important is to create customization in a room or a specific space. It will be possible for our students to realize their ideas including if they want to focus on a personal project.

Essential themes we will work on are light, colors, furniture design and natural shapes.

They will be inspired through our external visits to the Gucci’s Museum, Salavatore Ferragamo’s Museum, Florence Fashion Stores tour and more.

The course is held in english language and it’s open to all that have got an interest in the Interior Design, Fashion and the Italian culture.

Florence Design School was founded by an entrepreneurial project of the founding members of the LABA, a reality in constant and progressive growth from fifteen years in Florence. Florence Design School uses the same laboratories and equipment supplied to three-year degree courses students of LABA (Bachelor’s degree). Florence Design School professors are skilled teachers at LABA (

Course leader


Target group

18-25 years old

Course aim

Students will be able to propose store design solutions applied to specific Italian fashion brands combining materials with colors and forms to create spaces able to follow brand’s philosophy.

Credits info

Chanche to sign at LABA (

Fee info

EUR 1400: Basic Italian language course included. NO enrollment fee. A visit included.
1400 €
EUR 2600: Basic Italian language course included. NO enrollment fee. Two visits included.
2600 €