Piacenza, Italy

Feeding the landscape

when 7 September 2015 - 25 September 2015
duration 3 weeks
credits 8 EC
fee EUR 180

OC OPEN CITY International Summer School Piacenza 2015, in coincidence with the Milano Expo 2015 event, aims to deal with the challenge proposed by Expo’s topic: ‘Feeding (the) Landscape’. The background of the topic involves three different kinds of “scapes”. Food-Scape targets to integrate the physical expression of the three principals of the “food cycle” in the urban fabric of Piacenza: production (urban orchards and agro-parks), distribution (markets consisting of moving devices) and consumption (new generation of restaurants). Expo-Scape reinterprets the Expo topic according to a specific point of view that is more oriented to spatial disciplinary addressed to architectural and urban design. Land-Scape grasps the panorama (landscape/environment), as the sight object, in several scales of interaction and with different hierarchies. This new perception conceives the soil as a precious and active resource. Workshop’s goal is to design a new museum of agriculture (green and active).

Course leader

Proff. Guya Bertelli/Carlos García Vázquez

Target group

The school is open to students attending the 3rd year of Bachelor Degree Courses and to students attending a Master in Architecture, Design, Engineering and Planning, as well as to PhD reserch students (in disciplines of architecture and urban planning).

Course aim

The workshop aims at maintaining an open dialogue among the different design specialties needed to face the problems arising from architectural, urban and environmental transformations, becoming a discussion forum and a brainstorming workshop where issues on the general development perspectives of contemporary habitats can be discussed.

Credits info

8 EC
For each participant, the OC International Summer School will release an official certificate of attendance. For participants enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree and Master in Architecture from the School of Architecture of Politecnico di Milano, the 8 CFU can be used as the intership credits required for graduation or as elective courses. The workshop may have different credit values for other universities.
The projects and study models developed during the school may be shown in exhibitions and collected into publications by Politecnico di Milano.

Fee info

EUR 180: 15-06-2015 | by June 22nd, 2015 the applicants will be confirmed by e-mail by the directors of the school. The entry fee is euro 180€ and must be paid by June 29th, 2015.
EUR 250: 30-06-2015 | by July 6th, 2015 the applicants will be confirmed by e-mail by the directors of the school. The entry fee is euro 250€ and must be paid by July 13th, 2015.