Denmark, Aarhus

Global Business

when 4 July 2011 - 22 July 2011
duration 3 weeks
credits 5 EC

Global business can be defined as business activities which involve trade or investment across national boundaries. The aim of the course is to provide a sufficient understanding of cross-border business issues to be in a position to contribute to decisions about the internationalization of business. Furthermore, the course wishes to provide the students with a managerial perspective of those aspects of the global business environment which directly affect a business’s foreign trade and investment and alert students to some of the practical factors which impact on international business activities in differing political, legal and cultural environments. Course offered by Department of Business studies, Aarhus School of Business, AU.

Course leader

Fred Robins, University of Adelaide

Target group

Seats are distributed according to:
• Relevant education (BSc and BA)
• Achieved ECTS
• Grade point average on the achieved ECTS

Course aim

• an improved understanding of the environment in which international business operates
• an awareness of the forces tending towards convergence in international business practices
• a better appreciation of value creation by business in relation to the demands of the marketplace
• an improved understanding of forces shaping the global trading and financial environment
• an appreciation of the political and cultural constraints faced by business internationally

Fee info

EUR 0: Visit website for information regarding fees