Madrid & Barcelona, Spain

This must be the Place

when 27 June 2016 - 15 July 2016
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 400

“Learning from Pop-Up Urbanisms” appears as a project that studies the Music Festivals phenomenon. In the same way that Denisse Scott Brown and Robert Venturi did in their well know book “Learning from Las Vegas”, this project tries to identify and work with the architectures of that type contemporary urbanism.

“This Must be the Place” is the second edition of the Summer School of Learning from Pop-Up Urbanisms. It will be held as collaboration between the ETSAM and the Cruïlla Barcelona Summer Festival. This festival will serve as a concrete case of study in order to analyze and design the architectural, urban, sociological and economical aspects that construct these summer societies that appear and dissapear.

“This Must be the Place” is proposed as an intense Laboratory of three weeks, in which workshop sessions will be followed by lectures and discussions of selected experts and guests. While the first and third weeks will take place at the ETSAM-UPM, during the second week the Summer School will travel to Barcelona, visiting the construction for the Cruïlla Summer Festival, making a research and critical design.

Course leader

Pedro Pitarch

Mireia Luzárraga (Takk)
Alejandro Muiño (Takk)
Pedro Pitarch
Jorge Sedano
Gabriel Ruiz Larrea
Alejandro Sánchez Zaragoza
iAM (Instituto de Arquitectura de Madrid), Departamento de Proyectos Arquitectónicos de

Target group

The Course is open to Graduate and Post-Graduate Students from any discipline concerning Architecture, Urbanism, planing and Design. As well as to Young Architects and Urbanists

Candidates must send their application to the email direction underneath, including the following documents in pdf or jpg:
Personal Portfolio (2 DINA3) + curriculum vitae (1 DINA4) Including Personal Information (First Name, Surname, University, Course, Contact).

For Registration and more information please contact:

Course aim

27 June-15 July
1st Week: Research Workshop + 1st Lectures Series
2nd Week: Field Research + Development of Design+ Music Festival Site visits
3rd Week: Production Workshop + Prototyping+ 2nd Lectures Series

Monday to Friday 16:00-21:00 h
@Madrid: iAM (ETSAM-UPM)
@Barcelona: Iaac + Parc del Forum (Cruïlla-Barcelona Summer Festival)

Credits info

4 EC
Participants will be be rewarded with a Diploma of the Summer School from the ETSAM-UPM and recognition of at 4 European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System given by the Polytechnic University of Madrid

Fee info

EUR 400: Early bird registration : 400 € (until June 9th)

Last call registration: 475 € (from June 10th until June 17th)

The Fee INCLUDES: Return Ticket Madrid-Barcelona-Madrid + Cruïlla Festival Attendace
*Accommodation is not included within the price.