Macedonia, Kriva Palanka, Macedonia

Visualizing Socialism

when 1 May 2019 - 10 May 2019
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 2.5 EC
fee EUR 270

students will be introduced with the historical key points of visual anthropology, through watching and analyzing important audiovisual achievements, such as avant-garde experimental moving image works, city-symphonies movies, cinema verite and and other ethnographic films dealing with political problems and the daily lives of people who question the ideological system in which they live. Beside that, Yugoslavian “black wave” documentaries will serve as an inspiration for the design of scenarios for films. Through intense practical work, participants will adopt visual vocabulary, editing techniques and expressionistic framing in order to capture audiovisual representation of post-socialist nostalgia, cultural monuments as symbols of socialism, (non)material culture as significant remnants of socialism and exploration of senses with the rhythms and patterns of contemporary everyday life. Recommended research techniques for this course will be comprehensive semi structured interviews, photo elicitation and participation with observation. Participants divided into groups will do the research and use camera as fieldwork tool in Kriva Palanka and create a unique short film narrative on various themes they decide.

Course leader

Prof. d-r Ilina Jakimovska, Skopje, Macedonia
Manca Filak, M.A., Ljubljana, Slovenia

Fee info

EUR 270: Accommodation, food and school fee for whole Spring School.


2 Scholarships are going to be awarded for the students from Balkan countries:Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia.