Groningen, Netherlands

Intercultural Competence for Professionals

when 1 July 2024 - 5 July 2024
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 1750

Do you want to help others develop their intercultural competence?

“How can we develop in ourselves and others the necessary mastery and concomitant humility required to be effective across cultures?” In our rapidly globalizing world, with increasing demands on our ability to collaborate with others from diverse backgrounds, the competence to bridge cultural differences is necessary for any sustainable, pluralistic society.

If you have the responsibility to develop this intercultural competence in others, the online Winter School on Intercultural Competence is for you. The programme is intended for professionals in the fields of intercultural competence development and internationalisation. It offers a comprehensive overview of intercultural training design with an emphasis on using developmental approaches to enhance cultural learning. It addresses questions such as: “How do I structure effective training?” “What kinds of participants can I encounter and how do I tailor my training to their needs?” “How do I deal with various kinds of resistance in a group?”

Following the success of previous years' Winter Schools, the Centre for Language and Culture is pleased to once again welcome Dr. Nagesh Rao, senior faculty member at the Intercultural Communication Institute and Chair of the Department of Social Medicine at Ohio University. He brings special insights to the University of Groningen on how the intercultural dimension influences our perspectives on social medicine.

So, if you are curious and wish to develop your ability to foster intercultural sensitivity in others, apply to the Winter School on Intercultural Competence! With an emphasis on using developmental approaches to decrease learner resistance, the offered programme will cover everything from communication and thinking styles to intercultural training methods and resources.

…Unleash the creative and innovative potential of cultural diversity!

Course leader

Drs. M.S. Carriere

Target group

This summer school is intended for professionals in the field(s) of intercultural competence/internationalization. Participants of this summer school are selected on the basis of interest in Intercultural Competence as expressed in a brief motivational letter.

It is expected that the participants have a sufficient command of the English language to not only follow passively, but to participate actively in the discussions.

Course aim

The summer school will cover the following components:

Intercultural training competences
Cultural stereotypes and cultural generalizations
A developmental model of intercultural sensitivity
Characteristics of cultural marginality
Training content challenges
Thinking and communication styles
Low and high context communication
Intercultural training methods and resources

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Fee info

EUR 1750: Fee for professionals/practitioners

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