Radboud Summer School

Past courses

An Introduction to Clinical Psychological Practice

Chemometrics: Introduction to Advanced Data Analysis

Climate Action for Sustainable Development

Early Programming: How Early Life Shapes Human Development

Excellence Beyond Borders: Breaking down Barriers in Gifted Education

Gender and Diversity: Core Concepts in Society and Science

Health, Culture and Communication: An International Perspective

Inter-Organizational Networks: Understanding Economics and Business in an Interconnected World

Linear Algebra for Neuroscientists

Molecules, Mice and Math: a Statistical Toolbox for the Lab

Nature in a Crowded Country: Biodiversity and Ecology in Semi-Natural Landscapes

Peer Relations and Interactions in Childhood and Adolescence

Perfecting Your Academic Writing Skills

Qualitative Methods 2: Analysing Qualitative Data

Reading Mystical Texts

Regenerative Dentistry: Applying the Concept of Regenerative Medicine to Dentistry

When Science Meets Law: Forensic Epidemiology in Legal Practice

Health Disparities and Person Centered Integrated Primary Care

Addictive Behaviours: From the Bar to the Brain

Advances in Environmental Life Cycle Modelling

Biomedical Experimentation with Humans: History, Ethics and Social Policy

Brexit: The Legal Process and its Implications for the UK and the EU

Change Management and Evolutionary Theory

Citizenship and Migration: Europe’s 21st Century Challenges

Equity & Leadership in the Global Classroom

Expanding the Terrain of Valuing Health? A Capability Approach

Judges at War: Understanding the Crisis of the Rule of Law in Eastern Europe

Making (Systematic) Literature Reviews Work for You

Managing Diversity in Organizations

Meeting the Challenges of Supervising Student Research

Personalized Medicine 101

Private International Law within the European Union

Qualitative Methods 1: Introduction and Collection of Qualitative Data

Quantum in the Summer

Rituals in Life

Starting Your Own Business

Strategic Stakeholder Management

The European Banking: Strategic and Regulatory Issues

The Fashionable Consumer

The Ins and Outs of Kidneys: from Physiomics to Transplantation

Theorizing and Analyzing Social Media in Political Communication and Journalism

Tropical Deforestation and Climate Change in Brazil

Acquiring Intercultural Competencies through Non-formal Education