Radboud Summer School

Past courses

Qualitative Data Analysis

Applied Social Network Analysis

Causal Inference in the Social Sciences

Comparative Research Designs

Discourse Network Analysis

Introduction to Inferential Statistics: the class you need before regression

Introduction to Process Tracing

Introduction to Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)

Introduction to Quantitative Text Analysis

Introduction to R

Regression 1: Linear Regression

Survey and Questionnaire Design

Digital Technologies in Qualitative Data Collection

Doing Intersectional Quantitative Research

Interpretive Research Methods

Multi-Level Regression Analysis of Cross-Sectional and Panel Data with R

Multi-Method Research: Techniques and Applications

Political Language: Analyzing State-‘Created’ Categories

Social Science Measurement: Designs, Models, and Strategies

Advanced Applied Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)

Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis

Comparative Historical Analysis: How to Use History in Social Inquiry

Inferential Network Analysis

Introduction to Machine Learning for Social Sciences

Longitudinal Data Collection with the Diary Research App: DearScholar

Structural Equation Modeling

Panel Data Analysis

Process Tracing Methods in Practice

Qualitative Expert Interviews

Collecting Web Data with R

Multi-Method in Pactice: Pluralist Case Study Designs

Regression 2: Logistic Regression and General Linear Models

Peer Relations and Interactions in Childhood and Adolescence

'Choosing one's own way.' The meaning of Viktor Frankl's heritage for Modern Psychiatry and Spiritual Care

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: Maintenance, Differentiation, and Uses for Regenerative Medicine

Introduction to Data Science with R and Rstudio for the Social Sciences

The Ins & Outs of Kidneys: From Physiomics to Transplantation

Trends in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Language

International Grail: Communities-with-a-Heart

Migrant Inclusion Policies and Practice

Radboud in’to Languages English Boost Camp Workshops

Citizenship and Migration: Europe's 21st Century Challenges

The Use of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) to Support Universal Health Coverage

Introduction to Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Analysis

Introduction to Preclinical Drug Discovery

Language Development for Academic Writing

Analyzing Neural Time Series Data

An Introduction to the Fascinating World of Cardiology

Complexity Methods for Behavioural Science: A Toolbox for Studying Change

Decarbonising Industry: Technology, Policy, and Societal Readiness

Introduction to Machine Learning with R and Rstudio

Towards Individualized Care: Sex & Gender Perspectives in Health

New Perspectives on the Typical and Atypical Trajectories of Learning in Child Development

Baby & Child Research Center: Translating Developmental Science from Research to Practice

Serious Games for Analysing and Supporting Complex Decision-Making

Brain, Bacteria and Behaviour: Understanding the Gut-Brain Axis

Intellectual Disability and Health: Reducing Inequity

Analyzing Neural Time Series Data

Excellence Beyond Borders: Breaking Down Barriers in Gifted Education

Introduction to Design Thinking and Service Design

Personalized Medicine 101

Quantifying Uncertainty: Prediction and Inverse Problems

The Art and Adventure of Leadership

Quantum in the Summer: An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Quantum Computing

Current Issues in Environmental Science

Making [Systematic] Literature Reviews Work for You

Experiments in Behavioral Economics - Methodology and Applications

Private International Law within the European Union - Contractual and Non-Contractual Obligations

Sport in Health and Disease from Exercise Physiologist's Perspective

OPSFA Summer School - Orthogonal Polynomials, Special Functions and their Applications

Sometimes Crime IS the Rational Choice

Clinical Skills in the Treatment of Anxiety and Depression: Hands-on Practice and Heads-on Theory

Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

Chemometrics: Introduction to Advanced Data Analysis

European Banking: Strategic and Regulatory Issues

Philosophical Lessons from and for The 'Post-Truth Era'

Microplastic Pollution - from Problem Identification to Solution

An Introduction to Visualisation and Modelling of Spatial data (in R)

Know the (Hi)story, Make the Future: Journalism in the 21st Century

Linear Algebra for Neuroscientists