Frankfurt Summer School

Past courses

Basic Research Methods in Linguistics

Conducting Open and Replicable Experimental Research in Psychology

Evolutionary Ecology and Human Evolution

Feminist Movements, Practices and Experiences of Decolonisation

FinTech, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and the Law

Multilevel Analysis

Return on Marketing

Social Psychology

Superphysics and Supercomputers

Symmetries in Quantum Mechanics and Particle Physics

Analyzing the Unobservable: Structural Equation Modeling in Comparative Social Research

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Modern Methods

Data-oriented Methods in Linguistics

De/Postcolonial Feminist Theory and Activism

Demystifying English Academic Writing

Elementary Forms of Social Life

Ethical Implications of AI

Labour Law, Migration and Globalisation

Oranisational Behaviour

Path Integrals in Quantum Mechanics

The Anthropocene in the Humanities