University of Groningen Summer Schools


Public Philosophy and Social Ontology

Past courses

Innovation in Medicine

Data-Driven Prevention Policy in Public Health

Beyond Horizons - Transmitting and Writing New Identities of Minorities and Migrants in Europe

Exploring Entrepreneurship

What About the Family?

Food from Field to Fork

Humor and Satire in Contemporary Europe

Law, Literature, and Human Rights

Analyzing Classroom Interactions

Corporate Governance and the Effectiveness of Boards

Healthy Ageing

Collaboration for Innovation, Transformation and Sustainability

Health and Human Rights

Urban Strategies for Health Promotion

Illicit Trade

Sustainable Business and Economy for Smart Cities

Discovering Holland

Financial Inclusion and Sustainable Growth

Bone, Joint & Tendon Care

Ageing Brain

Global Health


Collegium Spinozanum III

Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine (CaVaReM)

The Curse of Natural Gas Resources

Teaching Critical Thinking

Intercultural Competence


Things That Matter

Search for New Physics with Low-Energy Precision Tests

Religious Heritage in a Diverse Europe

Persistent Physical Symptoms

Transplantation Medicine

Legal Measures for Energy Transition

Narrative Values, the Value of Narratives

Freedom, Norms and Democracy

Religion and Human Security in Africa

Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Social Sustainability

Linking Community and Ecosystem Dynamics

Religion in Cities - Contested presences, contested regulations

Youth, education and work in (post-)conflict areas

Youth Participation in Research, Policy and Practice

The Knowledge of the Curator II

The Challenge of Natural Teleology: Final Causes from Aristotle to Darwin

Society, Environment, Transportation and Space (SETS)

Uncertainty, Disagreement, and Conflict