Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts

Past courses

This Time Tomorrow

Editing as Practice: Developing Personal Voice

Making Spatial Stories

Digital Storytelling

Social Environment and Self-Image

Social Environment and Self-Image


Becoming "Lumbung"

Exhibitionary Communities

Queering and Survival

Dictionaries and Aporias

Picture Generation

The Art of Art Writing

Drawing as Fictioneering

Minerals and Overalls

To Share in Learning from the Great Ocean

Spatial Hijacks by Sculpture

Image and Background

Collaborative Lecture Performance

Writing in, on and Through Art. From Art Criticism to Creative Writing

Montage, My Beautiful Trouble

Drawing in Motion

What Makes a World? - A Horizon

Albatross on the Fortress

The Eye as a Window

Vocabularies for Counter-Histories

Discovering One's Own Universe

Recently Deleted, Other Albums and Camera Roll

Telling the Present

The Present and Disharmony

The Self and the Other

Minerals and Overalls

Processing our Days

Make Yourself at Home: Painting from Away

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Curating and a Few More Questions

D.I.Y. Artist's Book