Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts

Past courses

Context is Everything, Montage Too


Curating Contemporary Art Against the Backdrop of a Local Context

Miniature Painting

The Magic Meets the Conceptual

Freedom of the Press

Artist’s Book

Alchemistic Painting

Drawn Forms

Scenography as a Place of Longing

Listen to the Stone

Hunting & Collecting

In the Conglomerate

Images into Words: Writing About Contemporary Art

“It’s all About the Exhibition, Isn’t it?” Curatorial Practice and its Entanglements

Collage and the Making of Worlds


Printed Worlds

Art in the blog

Miniature painting - technique and beyond

High/low: figurative drawing today

Form as foundation

Thinking beyond the event - considering large scale exhibition platforms in the 21st century


At the interface

Portraiture / Animism

On seeking incuriously

Writing about contemporary art

Thinking with works of art

The notion of home

Working with stone

Let paintings sing

Collage and the making of images

Exploring a void

A brand-new edition

Processual painting, memory scrapings and slowing down