Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts


Expanded Writing: Philosophy and Art

Is Painting a Language? Or is it Mud?

Personal Patterns and Printmaking

Dancing in Tongues: Developing Language(s) of Performance

CIVIC-SOLIDARITY: new networks of repair

Stone as Actor, Stone as Stage

Phila Bergmann/Thea Reifler Bringing Institutions to LIVE: curating live arts and creating infrastructures

The Space Between Us: Somatic Knowledge and New Techno-Spatial Scopes

Dingolay: painting without limitations

Astrit Ismaili Transformative Bodies

Contact and Scale

Composing Reality

Portraits after Portrait

Democracy, You’re Breaking my Heart: Performative Tools for Tomorrow

Invite Yourself: Solidarity Between Migration and Curation

Make Art at Your Own Risk

Worlding: Drawing Mental Maps

Images after Images: Narrating History With Silk-Screen Printing

Camp Mette: a Devotion to the Slinky Margins - Tres Chic, a Glam Camp Holiday

Past courses

Processing our Days

Make Yourself at Home: Painting from Away

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Curating and a Few More Questions

D.I.Y. Artist's Book


Minerals and Overalls

The Self and the Other

The Present and Disharmony

Vocabularies for Counter-Histories

Discovering One's Own Universe

Recently Deleted, Other Albums and Camera Roll

Telling the Present

Albatross on the Fortress

The Eye as a Window

Montage, My Beautiful Trouble

Drawing in Motion

What Makes a World? - A Horizon

Writing in, on and Through Art. From Art Criticism to Creative Writing

Collaborative Lecture Performance

Minerals and Overalls

To Share in Learning from the Great Ocean

Spatial Hijacks by Sculpture

Image and Background

The Art of Art Writing

Drawing as Fictioneering

Exhibitionary Communities

Queering and Survival

Dictionaries and Aporias

Picture Generation

Becoming "Lumbung"

Making Spatial Stories

Digital Storytelling

Social Environment and Self-Image

Social Environment and Self-Image


Editing as Practice: Developing Personal Voice

This Time Tomorrow

Editing as Practice: Developing Personal Voice

Fragility and Resilience: Queering Strategies Revisited

Living Environments and Self-awareness

Exhibition-making and the Multiplicity of Artistic Languages

Speculative World Building

Saltwater Sensibilities: Poetry and Movements of the Great Ocean

Minerals and Overalls

The Un-scene: Capturing the Absence by Wandering

Witnessing Loss: Memory and Culpability

Experimental Education Protocol 4: The Ethereal Forest

Painting Pictures

Provocation and Magical Terrorism

Translating Spatial Stories

Spatial Negativity and Hijacks Through Hybrid Materiality

Harvest the Harvests

Sharpening Pencil and Thoughts

Personal Patterns

Art Critique

How to Write About Art with Jennifer Higgie

Gender Trouble in Contemporary Curating

Code Me, Love Me, Set Me Free: Queerdom in other-worlds


The ProtoZone as Exhibition Methodology

Editing as a practice: Developing Personal Voice

Playboard: Expanded Painting

Painting Against Naming

Mette Sterre

Beyond Layers: Relief Printing and Pronto Plate Lithography

Experimental Education Protocol: The Temple of All Beings

Polymorphous Magical Substance

Gender Trouble in Contemporary Curating

Exploring the Earth as Lover: New Approaches to Environmental Art, Theory & Activism

Patterns and Printmaking

Beyond the Survey: Understanding and Defying the Colonial History of Visuality in Architecture Practices

Taking a Position: Art & Writing

Healings For a Sick Painting

Transformative Bodies

An Expanded Vocabulary of Filmic Drawing

Sharpening Pencils and Thoughts: Text XX to Drawing

Constructed Worlds: breaking down a photo series