Digital Operating Room Summer School (DORS)

Past courses

CAS in ENT surgery

CAS in Neurosurgery

Introduction to Endoscopy

Rigid Endoscopes in Visceral Surgery

Instrumentation for Flexible Endoscopy: Procedures and Technology

Heart Interventions

Image-Guided Interventions

MRI Interventions and MRI Ablation

Surgical Workflow

Digital Patient Modeling

Anesthesia Integration with Surgical Workflow

Surgical Robotics - clinical view

Surgical Robotics - technical view

Device Networking in the OR

Technical OR Standards

The Future of Surgery from a Clinical Point of View

Computer-Assisted Surgery (CAS)

Endoscopy challenges

Image-guided interventions

Patient models, workflows and technical standards in OR

Robotics, or infrastructure and future technologies

Digital Operating Room Summer School (DORS)