One Health - France

Past courses

Food Safety, Food of Animal Origin and Public Health

Latest Advances in Potential Control Measures of Campylobacter from Farm to Fork

Antibiotic Resistance Along the Food Chain : the Example of Aquaculture

Microbial Communities Contaminating Meat Products : How High Throughput Sequencing Revolutionized Classical Microbiology

Bacterial Solutions for Bacterial Problems : Protective Bacteria to Control Food Pathogens

Workshop on Microbial Analysis : From Petri Dishes to Metabarcoding

Demonstration of Food Production Facilities

Modelling the Spread and Control of Infectious Diseases

Economic Learnings From the Management of Health Issues

Ecology of Vector (and Especially Tick)-borne Diseases : the Added Value of Community Ecology to Understand Some Infectious Diseases

Host-specificity - Practical Training in Silico

One Health Approach to Control Q Fever, an Infectious Disease at the Animal/Human Interface