Barcelona International Summer School


Venus on the Screen

Barcelona on Stage: Documentary Workshop

Brexit, EU and Global World: Current Challenges in European Politics and Society

Culture and Business: Spain’s Top Brands

Health Inequalities: Understanding our Worse Epidemic

Modern Statistical Computing in R

The Artistic Brain: Biology and Computation behind Painting and Music

Understanding the Biology of Humans for Social Sciences and Humanities

Population Health and Well-Being Consequences of Demographic Changes

Circular Economy

Society and Politics in Contemporary Spain

Power and Passions: Barcelona through the Lens of History

A Brief Archaeology of (some) Western Myths

New Standards for International Taxation: Global Cooperation For a Fair Tax Environment

Current Ethical and Legal Challenges in Sport

Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

Past courses

Oral Communication for Students

Using Citizen Science to Fight Mosquitos

Law and Economics-Why Should We Obey?

Gender, Power and Violence

Workshop: Transmedia Narrative Design

Time: Human Views on the Progress of Existence

Art and the Law: How Aesthetic Concepts Shape Legal Disputes about Arts