Barcelona International Summer School

Past courses

Social Marketing and Ethics in Marketing

Workshop: Transmedia Narrative Design

Desigualdades en salud: entender nuestra peor epidemia

Does Mind Matter? Mind, Matter and Quantum Mechanics

Ecosistema Google y marketing digital

Justicia global y desarrollo sostenible

Law and Memory: Legal History of the 20th Century

The Aristotelian City

Time: Human Views on the Progress of Existence

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

The Artistic Brain: Biology and Computation behind Painting and Music

Venus on the Screen: Psychosocial Effects of Advertising Discourse

After War: Intervention, Peace and Resilience

Barcelona on Stage: Documentary Workshop

Branding Global Cities: Insights from Barcelona

Brexit, EU and Global World: Current Challenges in European Politics and Society

Contemporary Barcelona and its Cultural History

Culture and Business: Spain’s Top Brands

Derechos humanos en el siglo XXI

Gender, Power and Violence

Imágenes de España en el cine contemporáneo

Interactive Media Art

Migration and Cinema: Representations and Politics

Modern Statistical Computing in R

Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

Spanish Postmodernism and Beyond

Thinking Time and Photography: a Theoretical and Practical Approach

Understanding the Biology of Humans