CBS Summer University


Sustainable Maritime Business

Energy Economics and Policy

Financial Statement Analysis

International Strategic Management

The Changing Nature of Work: Towards a Digital Future

The Business of Sports

Pricing Strategies

Graduate Consumer Behaviour

Integrated Marketing Communications

Strategic Brand Management in a Dynamic World

Neuroscience in Marketing - Consumer Insights Through Brain Science

Corporate Strategy

Technology Strategies

Quality Management and Customer Experience (CX)

Introduction to Gamification and Behavior Management

Psychology of Decision Making - We Are Not Irrational, Are We?

Making Better Bets: An Introduction to Management Consulting

Frontiers of Leadership; A Global Perspective

Graduate Corporate Finance

Investments: Financial Markets, Options and Derivatives

Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics in Business

Evaluation of Financial Information

Business Intelligence

Organization: Team Dynamics in Multinational Corporations

Business and Government

Causal Data Science for Business Decision Making

Advanced Topics of Strategic Leadership & Corporate Governance

Navigating Pension Systems in an Aging World: Lessons from Denmark

Business Responses to Climate Change

Permaculture: A Regenerative Solution for Business, Community and Lifestyle

Introduction to Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence

The Nature of Danish Capitalism

Behavioral Corporate Governance and Strategic Management

Behavioral Corporate Governance and Strategic Management

Responsible Business for Digital Transformation

New Product Development and Project Management

Corporate Entrepreneurship Strategies

Empirical Finance

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Selling in Connected and Digitalized World

Strategic Profitability Management

Financial Accounting

Undergraduate Corporate Finance

An Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

Principles of Macroeconomics

Principles of Microeconomics – a Business Perspective

Introduction to Business and Social Data Science

International Business and Sustainability

Personal and Household Finance: From Learning How to Become Rich, to Designing Public Policies

Persuasive Business Communication - Live Case

Principles of Investment Finance

Economics of Global Business

Introduction to Marketing

Undergraduate Consumer Behavior and Customer Analysis

Organisational Behaviour and Organisational Analysis

Cross-Cultural Management - High Performing Teams

Leadership and Innovation, Engaging with Theory to Inform Practice, An Emerging Economy Perspective

Forecasting in Business and Economics

Undergraduate Financial Modeling

Introduction to Business Statistics

Introduction to Econometrics with R

Banking and Financial Institutions

Going Circular: From Idea to Implementation

Sustainability for Social Justice: Business Opportunities and Challenges in Emerging Markets

Social Entrepreneurship and Business Model Innovation

Internationalization of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Sustainable Capitalism in the Nordics?