CEU Summer University

Past courses

Witchcraft Across Classical, Medieval, and Early-Modern Cultures in Europe

Political Theology of the Early Church from its Formation to Justinian

Representing the World in the Developing Mind

Designing a Collaborative Connected Liberal Arts Classroom

Feminist Political Economy: Concepts and Tools to Analyse Intersecting Inequalities

Mediation Theory and Skills

The Quality of University Education: Harmonizing Purposes, Processes and Outcomes

Constitution-building in Africa

New Frontiers in Romani Studies: Insights from Critical Race Theory

Music as Heritage: from Tradition to Product

Confronting the Crisis of Expertise: Historical Roots and Current Challenges

Disruptive Narratives: Re-Constructing the Truth in the Age of Multi-modal Propaganda

Commoning Art and Culture

Interviewing Your Data: Tools and Methods for Data Journalists

Cultures and Geographies of Energy Transitions

Cultures of Dissent in Eastern Europe (1945-1989): Research Approaches in the Digital Humanities

Bridging ICTs and the Environment - Monitoring Climate Change Impact Using GEE

Bridging ICTs and the Environment - Mapping the World with QGIS

Liberalism Infected: Revisiting Political and Socio-Legal Thought in the Aftermath of COVID-19

Identity: Logic and Metaphysics

The History and Philosophy of the Concepts of Scientific Law and Probability

The Politics of Nationalist Mobilization