CEU Summer University

Past courses

Global Education Policy Implementation – Strategies for Access and Equity in Low-Resource Contexts

Professional Development in University Teaching and Learning

Movements of Music: Migration, Diaspora and Cultural Heritage

Constitution-building in Africa

Reimagining Global Justice within and through the University

Thinking with Islamicate Manuscripts: Critical Approaches to Historical Methodology, History of Collections, and Digital Tools In Islamic Studies

It Takes a Movement: Social Mobilization and Rebuilding Democracy

Civic Engagement: Student as Citizen

Conflict Resolution Methods in Practice

Holocaust Testimonies and Their Afterlives

Transdisciplinary Trauma Studies: Trauma Through Contemporary and Historical Perspectives

Contemporary Issues in Ontology and Social Ontology

Magic and Witchcraft: History, Interdisciplinarity, Global Perspectives

Geospatial Technologies for Building Resilience

Repowering Leadership in European Energy and Food