CEU Summer University


Global Education Policy Implementation – Strategies for Access and Equity in Low-Resource Contexts

From the Field to the Screen and Back: Creating Identity, Community and Music as Cultural Heritage through Contemporary Storytelling

Mobilizing the Feminist Imaginary: Arts-based Research Approaches and Creative Activism

The Ethics of Attention

Democracy and Inequality: The Challenge of a Society of Equals

Civic Engagement: Student as Citizen

Contestations of Citizenship in Times of Global Democratic Backsliding

Magic and Witchcraft: Belief and Persecution in Global Perspective

The Power of the Visual: Creative Documentary and Human Rights

The Human Mind and the Open Society

Holocaust Testimonies and Their Afterlives

Demographic Imaginaries: Soft Authoritarianism, Majoritarian Identity Politics and Demographic Anxieties

Geospatial Technologies for Monitoring SDGs: Early Warnings for All

Climate Nexus: Interlinking Energy, Agriculture, and Water

Professional Development in University Teaching and Learning