King's College London Summer Programmes

Past courses

Culture Modules- Undergraduate Summer School

Health & Science- Undergraduate Summer School

Law Modules- Undergraduate Summer School

Pre-University Politics

Summer School in Women's Health and Child Health

Pre-University Online Winter School

Undergraduate Summer School 2022

Pre-University International Relations

Judges & Power: English Law & the Development of A Global Legal System

Psychology: The Mind & Body

Politics and the Media

Business & Management

Pre-University Medical Science

Pre-University Business Management

Pre-University Law

Pre-University Psychology

Drug Discovery

Pre- University Science, Technology & Engineering

Pre-University Law (Session 2)

Pre-University Business Management (Session 2)

Pre-University Psychology (Session 2)

Pre-University International Relations (Session 2)

Pre-University Medical Science (Session 2)

3D Printing

Business & Management (Session 2)