London, United Kingdom

Understanding Management

when 26 June 2023 - 14 July 2023
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 7.5 EC
fee GBP 2350

This module introduces students to the practice of management, to what managers do, why they do it, and ways in which they set about doing it. Different management activities and roles are explored from both a practical and theoretical perspective. Key management responsibilities such as strategic thinking, analysing the business environment, marketing, and motivating self and others, will be explored alongside a real-life case study. This provides opportunities for students to apply theoretical concepts to an actual business case.

Course leader


Target group

This is a level one module (equivalent to first year undergraduate). No prior subject knowledge is required for this module, but students are expected to have a keen interest in the area.

Course aim

Upon successful completion of this module, students will:

identify and discuss the problems and issues that surround management practice in organisations, using a critical and informed approach
explain and evaluate the main environmental, strategic and operating concerns facing organisations and managers
produce, justify and support arguments in favour of, or against, particular management initiatives and approaches
apply effectively a range of management-related concepts, methods, and analytical approaches to specific cases.

Credits info

7.5 EC
7.5 ECTS / 4 US / 15 UCL

Fee info

GBP 2350: Students joining us for six weeks (two modules) will receive a tuition discount.
GBP : UCL offers accommodation in a vibrant area in the heart of London.