VU Amsterdam Summer School


Introduction to Topological Data Analysis

Past courses

International Criminal Justice

Difficult Settings: Preparing for Fieldwork

Governing Climate Change: Theory and Practice

Buddhist Mindfulness and Care

Leadership in Corporations: a Movie Learning Experience

Nature and Nurture: Twin Research and Human Genetics

Applied Quantitative Methods to Analyse Business Data

Data Analysis in R

Brain Image Analysis and Interpretation of Neurodegeneration

Visual Ethnography in Social Science

Using Logic as a Tool for Modelling

The Proximity-based Evidence Disclosure Technique for Interviewing Criminal Suspects

Human AI

Global Energy Transition in a Fossil World

Feeding the Billions: Challenges and Innovation in Food and Water Security

Introduction to Business and International Management

Creativity and Innovation

Organizational Behaviour Management

Ethnographic and Scientific Storytelling

The Beautiful Mind: Global Perceptions of Mental Health

Global Health

Econometrics of Networks

Creative Coding

Dealing With Your Feelings: The Psychology of Emotion Regulation

Understanding Plate Tectonics: From Theory to Experiments

The Attachment Nest: Development and Care within a Spectrum of (A)typical Socioemotional and Cognitive Development

The Moral Organization

Digital Romans: Reconstructing the Roman past of the Netherlands

Environmental Justice in Theory and Practice

Humour as a Leadership Skill: How to Lead with Laughter

New Venture Creation in the Amsterdam Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Qualitative Comparative Analysis with R

Sports Engineering

Football Behaviour Management

Statistical Methods for Causal Inference

Sportscience: From Inactive to Vital

Sportscience: From Molecule to Athlete

The Economics of Urbanization

Comparative Planetology as a Tool for Space Studies

Introduction to Programming

Labour Rights in Global Supply-Chains

Fintech and Emerging Financing Models in a Dynamic World