VU Amsterdam Summer School


New Venture Creation and Entrepreneurship (online course)

Analysis of EEG Data in MATLAB (online course)

Exploring Religious and Global Identity in Africa (online course)

Football Behaviour Management (online course)

How to Conduct a Meta-Analysis Using Open-Science Software (online course)

Kick start your Career: Academic Skills During and After Grad School (online course)

Amsterdam in Global Capitalism: 1500-Present (online course)

Global Health

Discover (the) Dutch: Dutch Language and Culture

Foundations of Strategy: How to Succeed as a Strategist

Corporate Leadership

Law and Governance in Contemporary China

Out of my Mind: Embodied Cognition, Mechanistic Explanation and Mental Disorder

Programmng for Beginners

Nature & Nurture: Twin Research and Human Genetics

Feeding The Billions: Challenges and Innovations in Food and Water Security

Operations Research: A Mathematical Way to Optimize Your World

Fintech and Emerging Financing Models in a Dynamic World

Disruptive 4.0 A Multidisciplinary Approach of Artificial Intelligence (online course)

Digital Marketing and Technology for Commerce (online course)

Foundations of International Business (online course)

The Global Energy Transition in a Fossil World (online course)

Data Analysis in R (online course)

Organizational Behaviour Management (online course)

Neurodegenerative Diseases: From Lab to Patient and Back (online course)

International Criminal Justice

Hands-On Anthropology and Ethnographic Storytelling

The Beautiful Mind: Global Perceptions of Mental Health

Ethics: Assessing Moral Dilemmas Through Ethical Theorizing

How to Conduct a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Psychological Interventions

The City Through a Philosopher’s Eye

Big Data Management and Analysis in Linux

Single-Cell Technologies in Life Sciences

Creativity and Innovation (in collaboration with Cardiff University)

Governing Climate Change: Theory and Practice

Big Data in Society

Decolonizing Europe: History, Memory, Redress (in collaboration with the Center for Slavery & Justice at Brown University)

The Economics of Urbanization

Past courses

Essential Academic English (B2)

New Venture Creation and Entrepreneurship - Session 3

Minding Music, Making Sound

Transnational Policing, Security and Justice

Human Movement Analysis

Programming in Python

Data Analysis in R - Session 2

Wildlife Crime Analysis: Data-Driven Nature Protection

Big Ideas in Computer Science: Understanding the Digitized World

Buddhism and Psychology

Empirical Research Methods for Legal Studies

Hands-on Anthropology: Role of the Ethnographer

Discover (the) Dutch: Dutch Language and Culture - Session 1

Qualitative Health (Education) Research

Cybercrime: The Human Factor

Out of my Mind: Embodied Cognition, Mechanistic Explanation and Mental Disorder

Crime in Numbers: From Correlation to Causation

Laws in Antiquity: Crime and Punishment in the Ancient World

Applications of Fluorescence in the Life Sciences

Artificial Intelligence For a Healthy Life

Criminal Organizations: An Economic Perspective

Brain and Mind

Causal Evaluation Methods in Education Research