VU Amsterdam Summer School

Past courses

New Venture Creation and Entrepreneurship

Analysis of EEG Data in MATLAB

Exploring Religious and Global Identity in Africa

Football Behaviour Management

How to Conduct a Meta-Analysis Using Open-Science Software

Amsterdam in Global Capitalism: 1500-Present

Global Health

Discover (the) Dutch: Dutch Language and Culture

Foundations of Strategy: How to Succeed as a Strategist

Corporate Leadership

Law and Governance in Contemporary China

Out of my Mind: Embodied Cognition, Mechanistic Explanation and Mental Disorder

Nature & Nurture: Twin Research and Human Genetics

Feeding The Billions: Challenges and Innovations in Food and Water Security

Operations Research: A Mathematical Way to Optimize Your World

Fintech and Emerging Financing Models in a Dynamic World

Disruptive 4.0 A Multidisciplinary Approach of Artificial Intelligence

Foundations of International Business

The Global Energy Transition in a Fossil World

Organizational Behaviour Management

Neurodegenerative Diseases: From Lab to Patient and Back

International Criminal Justice

Hands-On Anthropology and Ethnographic Storytelling

The Beautiful Mind: Global Perceptions of Mental Health

Ethics: Assessing Moral Dilemmas Through Ethical Theorizing

How to Conduct a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Psychological Interventions

The City Through a Philosopher’s Eye

Big Data Management and Analysis in Linux

Single-Cell Technologies in Life Sciences

Creativity and Innovation (in collaboration with Cardiff University)

Governing Climate Change: Theory and Practice

Big Data in Society

Decolonizing Europe: History, Memory, Redress (in collaboration with the Center for Slavery & Justice at Brown University)

The Economics of Urbanization

Essential Academic English (B2)

New Venture Creation and Entrepreneurship - Session 3

Minding Music, Making Sound

Transnational Policing, Security and Justice

Human Movement Analysis

Programming in Python

Data Analysis in R - Session 2

Wildlife Crime Analysis: Data-Driven Nature Protection

Big Ideas in Computer Science: Understanding the Digitized World

Buddhism and Psychology

Empirical Research Methods for Legal Studies

Hands-on Anthropology: Role of the Ethnographer

Discover (the) Dutch: Dutch Language and Culture - Session 1

Qualitative Health (Education) Research

Cybercrime: The Human Factor

Out of my Mind: Embodied Cognition, Mechanistic Explanation and Mental Disorder

Crime in Numbers: From Correlation to Causation

Laws in Antiquity: Crime and Punishment in the Ancient World

Applications of Fluorescence in the Life Sciences

Artificial Intelligence For a Healthy Life

Criminal Organizations: An Economic Perspective

Brain and Mind

Causal Evaluation Methods in Education Research