Leeds International Summer School

Past courses

Natural Sciences: Global Challenges and Scientific Skills

Philosophy of Mind and Ethics: Dilemmas and Thought Experiments

The English Country House: A Social History

Essentials of the Music Business

Intercultural Encounters: Skills and Concepts

Graphic and Digital Design

The Norman Conquest

Wealth and Poverty: The Making of the Modern World

The Path to Justice: Criminal Law and Legal Skills

Business and Cultural Awareness: Bridging the Gap

Management in Organisations: Theories, Techniques and Decision Making

Introduction to Special Effects in Filmmaking

Ethics for Business and Society

British Popular Music in the North of England

Conflict Analysis in International Politics: Causes, Negotiation and Resolution

Genetic Engineering and Genetically Modified Plants

Fluid Dynamics in Theory and Practice

Reparations for Historical Injustices

Digital Design and Fabrication

The Two Western Fronts? Approaches to the History of the First World War

Developing Leadership through Sport and the Outdoors

Entrepreneurship and Society: Ideas, Opportunities and Value Creation

Introduction to Digital Photography

Introduction to Psychology: Perception, Cognition and Emotion