Leeds International Summer School


Ethics for Business and Society

Data Mining and Text Analytics

Facing extinction: the cultural life of biodiversity loss

British Literature and The Bront√ęs

The Path to Justice: Criminal Law and Legal Skills

Introduction to Digital Photography

Business and Cultural Awareness: Bridging the Gap

Introduction to Psychology: Perception, Cognition and Emotion

Natural Sciences: Global Challenges and Scientific Skills

Philosophy of Mind and Ethics: Dilemmas and Thought Experiments

Essentials of the Music Business

Introduction to Colour

Building Britain, 1700-1840: Industrial 'Revolution' or 'Evolution'?

Developing Leadership through Sport and the Outdoors

Entrepreneurship and Society: Ideas, Opportunities and Value Creation

Wealth and Poverty: The Making of the Modern World

Management in Organisations: Theories, Techniques and Decision Making

Introduction to Special Effects in Filmmaking