UAB Barcelona Summer School

Past courses

Building Resilience in Times of Coronavirus

Contemporary Italy through the Eye of the Movie Camera (Spanish)

E-marketing for Tourism

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Public Participation in the Institutions of European Union

Society, Culture and Health

Spanish Politics

Discovering the Fascinating World of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Spanish as a Foreign Language (A2 CEFR)

Geography of East Asia

Good Journalism Is Alive

Advanced Programming

Critical Thinking

Contemporary Spain through the Eye of the Movie Camera (Spanish)

Diseases of Marine Mammals

Spanish as a Foreign Language (A1 CEFR)

European Economic Integration

Project Design Based on Mediterranian Biodiversity

Resources for Teaching and Learning English in Infant and Primary Education

Gastronomy & Oenology

Contemporary Challenges in International Relations

Ecological Economics and Degrowth Principles

Leadership, Negotiation Techniques


Urban Performing Arts

Psychological First Aid

Geography of Global Change

How the Brain Works