Elisava Summer School


The Tools of a Graphic Designer. Create, Retouch and Present with Suite Adobe

Creation and Rendering on Objects and Spaces

Packaging as a Weapon of Mass Seduction

Advanced Creativity: Disruption and Originality

TypeJuly - Cyrus Highsmith (Occupant Fonts)

Design for Additive Manufacturing

Sustainable Materials for Design

Lighting Design

Interior Spaces

Furniture and Context. Furniture Design

Storytelling: Project Philosophy and Personal Branding

TypeJuly - Ken Barber (House Industries)

Introduction to Users' Experience Design

TypeJuly - Manuel Krebs (Norm)

Presentation and Sale of Creative Projects. From the Office to the Stage

Visual Merchandising & Window Dressing

TypeJuly - Mark van Wageningen (Novo Typo)

Tattoo: Skin Illustration

Stands Design