Tallinn Summer School

Past courses

Social Enterprises: Using Your Creativity and Sensitivity

Basics of Game Development

Creative Writing in English

Creative Psychotherapy

Design of Serious Games

Educational Robotics in Preschool and Primary Education

Estonian Language

Russian Language

English Language

Short Film

Experimental Interaction Design

Supporting the Development of Children's Behaviour with the ABA Method

The Formation of Global Norms in a Changing World Order

Gamification Workshop


Information and Knowledge Management in Digital Environment

Curriculum – Past Trajectories and Future Trends

Multidisciplinarity in Child-Friendly Justice System

Storytelling, Comics and Illustrations

The Soviet Otherwise: Affects, Margins, and Imaginaries in the Late Soviet Era

How to Get Published?

Introduction to Canine Cognition, Behaviour and Human-Animal Interactions

Educational Innovation – Getting Ready for the Future

Open Society Technologies

Introduction to Estonian Culture

Learning and Development Across Cultures

Learning is Ecology

Russian Culture in Estonia and Beyond

Storytelling Tallinn: Photostory. Animation. TV-news.

Know Thyself: On the Essence of the Human Mind

Translation in Intercultural Space