Norway, Oslo

Introduction to Programming

when 1 July 2019 - 26 July 2019
language English
duration 4 weeks
credits 10 EC
fee NOK 1000

This is a course focusing towards development of analytical thinking, comprehension of code and problem-solving skills achieved through a programming-based approach. The course is suitable for those who want to learn programming and those who want to enhance their programming skills.

This course focuses on developing programming skills relevant for personal and professional use. It provides theoretical and practical exposure to different programming technologies and programming concepts such as object-oriented programming, web-programming etc.

In this course, the students can learn about programming techniques, which they can use to create new software applications. It is especially designed for people who do not have any previous experience with programming.

Why OsloMet?
The OsloMet International Summer School offers courses to students from any discipline with an interest to learn more about technology and about how to incorporate it into their respective disciplines and professions. In addition to intensive classes, you will get the opportunity to learn in an international, innovative and collaborative environment while making friends and growing your international professional network. The program will consist of active group work, excursions and an innovation camp to strengthen the learning as well as the social outcome of your summer!

For more information and the chance to sign up, please follow the link to our home page.

Target group

Students from any field, age and country are welcome to apply! The Summer School is hosted by the Department of Computer Science under the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design, but not all courses require a technical background. The Summer School is created with different disciplines and skill levels in mind.

Credits info

10 EC
The course will be offered both with 5 ECTS and 10 ECTS – the assignments differ between the two. The 10 ECTS course will consist of 4 weeks in class at OsloMet, plus 8 weeks additional independent study.

Fee info

NOK 1000: All participants at OsloMet International Summer School must pay a summer school fee of 1000 NOK.

This covers participation, arrival service, welcome pack, social program, and excursions.