Politecnico di Torino Summer Schools

Past courses

Building tomorrow society: NanoElectronics & Photonics Summer School

Building tomorrow society: IoT applications & data management Summer School

MURPHYS-HSFS 2019: Summer School on Multi-Rate Processes, Slow-Fast Systems and Hysteresis

Chemical Reaction Networks Summer School

AI: Towards a Critical Utopia - Nexa Summer School 2019

TRANS-forming Industrial Legacy. Spatial and Economic Models of Re-USE Summer School

Cultural Heritage in Context: Cultural Heritage, Cities and Digital Humanities - Learning by Game Creation Summer School

Innovation in practice. Unlocking Architecture in the City Summer School

Climate Change: Ice and Snow Data Collection, Analysis and Processing Summer School

Entrepreneurial Finance Summer School

Architecture and Urban Physics IV: radiation, climate and comfort issues for a resilient design approach Winter School

H2020 Il Trovatore - "Development of ATF Cladding Materials" Autumn School

EAA Summer School for Young Acousticians

Cultural Heritage in Context: Digital Technologies for the Humanities