Berlin Summer University of the Arts


Curating Sound Art – Exhibiting the Auditive

Past courses

Structure and Vitality for People and Organisation

Wearables and Machine Learning - Application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on Textile Technology

Writing Ashram for PHDs and Post-Docs

The Drama Works

Healthcare Design: Approaches and Perspectives for Young Professionals in Design and Medicine

Intensive Opera Audition Training

Storytelling – An Introduction

Virtual Reality – How to Design Virtual Narrative Spaces

Iron Printing in Blue – A Cyanotype Workshop

It's all about... Talking: Curation and Communication in the Performing Arts

Berlin Appeals 2019 | Poster Design Workshop

Artspeak: English as a Foreign Language Workshop

Pressless - Printing Techniques Without a Press

Biographical-Documentary Theatre: How to Create Narratives Between Reality and Fiction

Finding the Stories – A Photography Workshop

Starting and Leading your own Successful Creative Business

Self-Marketing for Women Artists

The Semiotics of Fashion Styling or Can We Still "Think Pink" Nowadays?

Public Intervention With Sound

Berlin Techno - Software/Hardware Explorations

Workshop with Valérie Favre

Architectural Photography - Re/Visiting 1987's Visions

Your Berlin Story: An Alternative 'Creative Non-Fiction' Writing Workshop

Aesthetic Transformation and Sources of Inspiration

Transitions - Drawing and Space

(Re)Discovering the City

Exp. Questions of Perception in Art and Science

An Approach to Situational Time-Based Arts