Berlin Summer University of the Arts

Past courses

Questions of Perception in Art and Science

Seeking for New Noise

Aesthetic Transformation Processes: Inspiration Across Disciplinary Boundaries

Visual Ethnography as Activist Work

Faulty Material

From B With Love – City Tales as Printed Matters

The Berlin Flâneur: Walking the City, Narrating the City: A City-Writing Lab

Culture Writing: Textures of Things, Thresholds, and Bodies

Anatomies of the Contemporary: Borders and Encounters

Drawing in the Nature Lab

Introduction: Body as a Source of Concentration

Collaborative Playgrounds

Floating Texts: Unlearning To Write

Seeking for New Noise

Writing = Design

Editing for Film and Video Art

Artspeak: English as a Foreign Language Workshop

Body as a Source of Concentration

Stories and Encounters – A Photography Workshop

Brutalism. A Photographic Approach

Playwriting 1 – From Idea to Scene and Structure

Storytelling – An Introduction

Transitions – Drawing and Space

Playwriting 2 — Gaze Training

Dramatic Interpretation of Music and Theatre – Methods and Application Training